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POLEMOS 6/1, 2012



Daniela Carpi

Focus: Legal Metaphor 1

Jeanne Gaakeer

Crossroads? Some Remarks on the Future of Law and Literature 7

Daniela Carpi

The Garden as the Law in the Renaissance: A nature metaphor in a legal setting 33

Gary Watt

The Matter of Metaphor in Language and Law 49




Sidia Fiorato

Theatrical Role-Playing, ask Crime and Punishment in Peter Ackroyd’s  Dan Leno and The Limehouse Golem (1994) 65

Lucia Busatta

Reflexions at the Margin of “Human Rights from a Philosophical Point of View” by Jeanne Hersch 83

Valentina Adami

Women’s Reproductive Rights: A Literary Perspective 101

Book Reviews

Cristina Costantini

Daniela Carpi ed., and Bioethics and Biolaw through Literature

Matteo Nicolini

Peter Schneck, Rhetoric and Evidence: Legal Conflict and Literary Representations in U.S. American Culture

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