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Associazione AIDEL,
c/o Prof. Daniela Carpi,
Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 41
37129 Verona

Secretary: info about conferences, seminars, and membership

Dr. Chiara Battisti:


To send contributions for Pólemos:  Journal of Law, Literature and Culture, directed by Daniela Carpi and Piergiuseppe Monateri ( Managing Editors), and Alessandro Somma and Ian Ward ( Assistant Editors)  contact 

To buy Pólemos:  Journal of Law, Literature and Culture see the De Gruyter website


Cost of membership

AIDEL membership is by calendar year (from January to December) and includes the subscription to Pólemos – Journal of Law, Literature and Culture (two electronic issues per year – paper copies on request by paying a small surcharge).


The fee for 2013 is 50 euro and must be paid by 31st December 2014 in order to guarantee the reception of both issues of Pólemos .


You can pay by bank transfer to:

Associazione AIDEL

Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa .

IBAN:  IT77-X-05034- 11711- 000000005966 (This is the international code which must be inserted)


After you have paid your fee please inform Dr. Chiara Battisti so that she can send you your receipt and add you to the list of paying members:


Constitution Act

Go to the AIDEL consitution act to know more about the association, its aims and founders

Scientific Board


Prof. Matteo Niccolini

Prof. Avv. Cristina Costantini

Reports of the AIDEL annual conferences

Minutes of the AIDEL annual meeting