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New Publication: “Law in Literature: An Annotated Bibliography of Law-Related”

mercoledì, febbraio 7th, 2018

Dear AIDEL members, I circulate the announcement of a new important publication:


New Publication: Greta Olson and Sonja Schillings, On_Culture

martedì, gennaio 16th, 2018

Dear AIDEL members, I am glad to announce a new online publication in Law and Literature edited by Greta Olson and Sonja Schillings: it is a special issue of the peer-reviewed open access journal On_Culture. The special issue is entitled “Law Undone: De-humanizing, Queering, and Dis-abling the Law – Further Arguments for Law’s Pluralities.” It can be accessed free of charge:

2018 fee

martedì, gennaio 16th, 2018

Dear Colleagues and friends, the new year has started and I wish you all a glorious 2018. I take the occasion to remind you of the necessity to pay the association fee of 50 euro, which is fundamental for the survival of our journal Polemos. The details of the bank account are

Associazione AIDEL

Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa

IBAN:  IT77-X-05034- 11711- 000000005966 (This is the international code which must be inserted)


Best regards to you all.

Daniela Carpi

AIDEL Annual Conference: “Monstrosity: from the canon to the anti-canon”

giovedì, novembre 9th, 2017

Dear Members,

it is now available the program of our annual conference (altro…)

News: Jeanne Gaakeer

martedì, maggio 2nd, 2017

Dear AIDEL members, I am proud to announce that one of our most distinguished members, Prof. Jeanne Gaakeer, has been appointed professor in Jurisprudence: hermeneutical and narrative foundations at the Erasmus School of Law.

New Publication: G. Olson and F. Reimer, “Law’s Pluralities”

martedì, maggio 2nd, 2017

Dear AIDEL members,  a special issue on ‘Law’s Pluralities: Arguments for Cultural Approaches to Law’ of the German Law Journal 18.2. (2017), ed. by Prof. Greta Olson and Prof. Franz Reimer has just been published. (altro…)

CfP: “Fifth Biennial Literature and Law Conference – Visualizing Justice” – New York

venerdì, marzo 3rd, 2017

Call For Papers

Fifth Biennial Literature and Law Conference – Visualizing Justice (altro…)

New Publication: Sonja Schillings, “Enemies of all Humankind” (2017)

venerdì, febbraio 3rd, 2017

Dear Members, AIDEL  announce a new publication: Sonja Schillings, Enemies of all Humankind (2017). (altro…)

New Publication: Justin Steinberg “Dante e i confini del diritto”

venerdì, febbraio 3rd, 2017

A new book by Justin Steinberg, Dante e i confini del diritto (Traduzione di Sara Menzinger) has just been published (altro…)

New Publication: “The Art of Law in Shakespeare” by Paul Raffield

venerdì, febbraio 3rd, 2017

Dear members, AIDEL is glad to announce the publication of a new book by Paul Raffield: “The art of Law in Shakespeare”. (altro…)

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