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AIDEL Membership

Dear AIDEL members, the year 2018 is rapidly coming to its conclusion: it has been a fruitful year full of events, seminars and publications.  The new year 2019 is already seething with new initiatives and scientific projects. The new volume on monstrosity, stemming out of last year’s  annual meeting, is already at the publisher’s and the two new issues of Polemos 2019 have been programmed: I must say that our association is thriving and new members from many parts of the world are constantly joining us. To keep all this moving we need your annual subscription fee of 50 euro.

You can pay by bank transfer to: Associazione AIDEL,  Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa, Verona, Italy .

IBAN:  IT77-X-05034- 11711- 000000005966 (This is the international code which must be inserted)


Or you can write to our secretary: Prof. Chiara Battisti,

I take the occasion to send you all our best wishes for  a happy Christmas.

Daniela Carpi

Constitution Act

Go to the AIDEL consitution act to know more about the association, its aims and founders

Scientific Board


Prof. Matteo Niccolini

Prof. Avv. Cristina Costantini

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