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AIDEL membership fee

Dear AIDEL members, the end of the year is rapidly approaching. I kindly remind you of the necessity of the payment of your membership annual fee of 50 euro for the year 2016, which is fundamental for the survival of our journal Polemos. I here copy the mumber of the bank account of the Association. The fee entitles you to receive the news concerning the various activities of the Association and the two electronic copies of Polemos. When you have paid through the bank account please inform our secretary Dr Chiara Battisti ( that we may include you among the paying members. The bank informs us much later. I take the occasion to send you our best wishes for a happy Christmas.
Daniela Carpi

You can pay by bank transfer to:

Associazione AIDEL

Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa .

IBAN: IT77-X-05034- 11711- 000000005966 (This is the international code which must be inserted)


Constitution Act

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