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International conference: Negotiating Cultural Rights

Dear AIDEL members, I forward this conference announcement:

International conference on cultural rights, 13-14 November in Copenhagen

Negotiating Cultural Rights
13-14 November, 2015, University of Copenhagen is organizing an international conference on cultural rights based on the reports by Farida Shaheed, the current UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights. Farida Shaheed will be present at this conference during which international experts will comment on each of her reports related to different themes:   intellectual property rights, cultural heritage, artistic freedom etc. Shaheed’s successor as Special Rapporteur, Karima Bennoune, will also be present.

You can read more about the conference at

The price for attending the conference is 750 kr. (meals, coffee and the conference dinner are included).
Registration and payment is handled by Conference Manager (
Deadline for registration is 1 November, 2015 (or as long as tickets are available).

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