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Publication: Peter Goodrich (ed.), “Genealogies of Legal Vision”

Dear AIDEL members, it is my pleasure to announce the publication of a new volume edited by Peter Goodrich and Valérie Hayaert, Genealogies of Legal Vision. See attachment.

2015_Genealogies of Legal Vision

Genealogies of Legal Vision
Edited by Peter Goodrich, Cardozo School of Law,
Yeshiva University, USA and Valérie Hayaert, Fondation
Bodmer, Geneva, Switzerland
Series: Discourses of Law
The growing interest in law and the visual has tended to
focus in a somewhat lazy fashion upon film and law, rather
than addressing the actual history of law’s regimes of visual
control. This book traces the complex lineage of the legal
emblem and argues that the mens emblematica of the
humanist lawyers was the inauguration of a visiocratic
regime that continues in significant part into the present
and multiple technologies of vision. Bringing together
leading experts on the history of legal emblems, this
collection provides a ground-breaking account of the long
relationship between visibility, meaning and normativity.

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