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New Publication: Pólemos 2014 • Volume 8 • Number 1

Volume 8, cialis Issue 1 (Oct 2014)


Leif Dahlberg and Isabelle Letellier
Gardens of Justice 217

Ari Hirvonen
Voltaire’s Garden 223

Sue Farran
A Bundle of Sticks in My Garden 235

Emma Patchett
The Right to Free Movement as Temporal Deterritorialization in the Landscaped
Garden 253

Cosmin Sebastian Cercel
The Other Otherwise: Law, doctor Historical Trauma and the Severed Gardens of Justice  275

Angus McDonald
“He Does Not Love Me, nurse Nor I He!” The Critic’s Love is of Critique, not of Law  295


Carla Dente
Renaissance Actors and Lawyers: Instability of Texts and of Social Trafficking:   The Comedy of Errors 309

Romana Zacchi
Where Laws do Reach: Public Opinion, the Theatres, and the 1737 Licensing Act 321

Maurizio Ascari
“The law is a wise serpent”: Subtextual Subversion in The Revenger’s
Tragedy 333

Ian Ward
The Voice of Martha Ray 345

Chiara Battisti
Western and Post-Western Mythologies of Law 359

Book Reviews

Anja Meyer
Paul Kearns. Freedom of Artistic Expression . Hart Publishing, Oxford,
2013 379


Stefano Bosco
Beth H. Piatote. Domestic Subjects: Gender, Citizenship, and Law in Native American Literature may 13, 2014 -Yale University Press, New Haven (CT), 2013 385

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