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Kangaroo Courts and the Rule of Law – Desmond Manderson

Dear AIDEL members, I wish to communicate the publication of a new volume on Law and Literature and the paperback edition of Gary Watt’s latest volume Equity StirringKangaroo Courts and the Rule of Law – The Legacy of Modernism

By Desmond Manderson
Published  21st June 2012 by Routledge – 224 pages

‘Manderson is a multitude. An accomplished pianist, a sociologist of law, a literary critic, and a phenomenological legal philosopher, he has in Kangaroo Courts, brought all his polymath skills to bear in a consistently brilliant excoriation of law and literature. This is a work that exemplifies the singular universal. It is a study of a single book that will change a discipline, it is a meticulously close reading that invokes a wholly new philosophy of law. This is that most rare of works, an ode to scholarship, a love letter to the possibilities of law.’

–Peter Goodrich, Professor of Law and Director of the Program in Law and
Humanities, Cardozo School of Law

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