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CFP: ESSE Seminar: Shakespeare and Renaissance Period

Prof. John Drakakis and Dr. Sidia Fiorato will host a seminar on the performances of the Body in the Renaissance Period during the next ESSE conference at Bogazici University, view Instanbul, Turkey, from 4 to 8 September 2012.

Here is a brief description of the seminar
S3) Performances of The Body In The Renaissance Period

The seminar intends to analyze the concept of the “body” in the Renaissance period and its subsequent re-articulations and re-interpretations. Modernity considers the body as a place of regulation, shaped by social and political ideologies and specific networks of power; it is strictly connected with the representation of individual identity and the shaping of the juridical persona. Literature and the performing arts (through a language that is written on the body and with the body), can absorb and retain the effects of political power as well as resist the very effects they appear to incorporate in structures of parody, irony, and pastiche.

Please send your proposals for the seminar with a 200-word-abstract by January 31, 2012 to
Prof. John Drakakis (University of Stirling, UK)
Dr. Sidia Fiorato (University of Verona, IT)

This is the link to the conference:

Feel free to contact the convenors for further information about the seminar

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