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Edited by  Daniela Carpi
DeGruyter, Berlin/New York, 2011.
New Series: “Law and Literature”


by Daniela Carpi

 From a legal perspective:

– The Genetics of Law and Literature: What is Man? ‘From language to life is just four letters’
by  Jeanne Gaakeer

– Ghostly Presences: The case of Bertha Mason
by Ian Ward

– The Case of Conjoined Twins: Medical dilemma in law and literature
by Gary Watt

– “Vida interminable: Patients and family members between the right to live and the obligation not to die”
by  Michele Sesta

– Reading Beyond the Ratio: searching for the subtext in the ‘enforced caesarean’ cases
by  Jane Bryan

From a literary perspective:

– Science Fiction and Bioethical Knowledge
by  Eric Rabkin

– Shaping Personhood: Problems of subjectivity and the self in Shakespeare’s The Taming of The Shrew and Much Ado About Nothing
by John Drakakis

– On the Sciences of Man in Eighteenth Century English Literature and Art: Anatomizing the Self
by Patrizia Nerozzi
– The Beyond: Science and law in The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G.Wells
by Daniela Carpi

– Bio-ethics Avant la Lettre: ninenteenth-century instances in post-darwinian literature
by Yvonne Bezrucka

– Rhetoric, Lexicography and Bioethics in Shelley Jackson’s Hypertext Patchwork Girl
by Silvia Monti

– One Monstrous Ogre and One Patchwork Girl: Two nameless beings
by Paola Carbone

– A Serious Reading of Biotechnology in Japanese Graphic Novels: weak thoughts regarding ethics, literature and medicine
by Paul Cheung

– Fulfilling Personhood at the Margins of Life: Anna Quindlen’s One True Thing
by Laura Apostoli

– ‘So what is a human being?’ An exploration of personhood through Jeanette Winterson’s  The Stone Gods
by Valentina Adami

– The Problem of Liminal Beings in Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things
by Sidia Fiorato

– ‘Murderous Creators’: How far can authors go?
by Mara Logaldo

– Fay Weldon’s The Lives and Loves of a She Devil: Cosmetic surgery as a social mask of personhood
by Chiara Battisti


– Mapping the Law: reading old maps of Strasbourg as representing and constituting legal spaces and places
by Leif Dahlberg

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