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Dear AIDEL members, I send you the program of the conference Leif Dahlberg is organizing in Stockholm next September.

LAW AND THE IMAGE, International conference at the Swedish National
Library, Stockholm, September 24-25, 2010

The conference “Law and the Image” is organized by the National Library of
Sweden together with the School of Computer Science and Communication,
KTH, and the Department of Law, Gothenburg University.

The conference “Law and the Image” aims to explore the legal and political
conceptions of graphic representation in history and in the contemporary
world of digital media. At a time when code is law on the Web, how are we
to understand the contemporary as well as the historical relation between
law and images? The conference tries to explore the changing legal and
political views of graphic representations – from JPEG to photography and

The purpose is to address the different ways in which law regulates the
uses of images, as well as the changing historical image of the law – both
in law and literature and in other artistic practices. What happens for
example in the transition from analogue to digital, and what are the legal
and political implications of digitization? Digitization activities in the
heritage sector, where analogue image archives becomes binary files, are a
battlefield where copyright and fair use, creative commons and open source
seem constantly to be renegotiated.
Preliminary programme:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Costas Douzinas (University of London), “Legal Iconology or a Legal
Phenomenology of Images”

Sidia Fiorato (Università di Verona), “Images of Political Power through
Dance: MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet”

Gary Watt (University of Warwick), “Law Suits: Clothing as the Image of Law”

Ari Hirvonen (University of Helsinki), “Laws of Bodies”


Daniel Halft (Deutsche Filmförderungsanstalt), “Law and the Moving Image”

Katarina Renman Claesson (Stockholms universitet), “Is There a Copyright
Protection of an Exhibition Format?”

Christine Poggi (University of Pennsylvania), “Mirroring the Law in
Contemporary Art”

Lissa Lincoln (American University in Paris), “From Bertillon to Witkin:
Staging the Crime”

Max Liljefors (Lunds universitet), “Performing Crisis: Body and Authority
in Contemporary Art”
Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leif Dahlberg (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, Stockholm), “Mapping the Law
of Stockholm. Reading Eighteenth Century Plans of Stockholm as
Representing and Constituting Legal Space”

Chiara Battisti (Università di Verona), “Iconology of Law and Disorder in
the Television Series ‘Law & Order. Special Victims Unit'”

Karen-Margrethe Simonsen (Aarhus Universitet), “To See or not to See. On
the Eye of Power in Modern Surveillance Society and the Post-Orwellian
Sousveillance Strategies of Contemporary Art”

Shi Zengzhi (Peking University), “Transformations of Citizen Participation
on the Internet in China”


Paul Raffield (University of Warwick), “Law and the Equivocal Image:
Sacred and Profane in Royal Portraiture”

Daniela Carpi (Università di Verona), “Photography as Forensic Evidence”

Richard K. Sherwin (New York Law School), “Legimatrix: Visualizing Law in
the Age of the Digital Neo-baroque”

Merima Bruncevic (Göteborgs universitet), “The “Original” and Its Legal
Significance in a Digitised World”

Pelle Snickars (Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm), “Heritage, Institutions
& Digital Policies”
For more information, see

Leif Dahlberg, School of Computer Science and Communication, KTH, Stockholm

Håkan Gustafsson, Department of Law, University of Gothenburg (Göteborgs

Pelle Snickars, Research Department, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm
The conference has received generous support from the Royal Academy for
the Fine Arts, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, and the Embassy of the United
States of America in Stockholm.



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