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New publication: TEXTUS – “Literature and Law”

a cura di Daniela Carpi e Ian Ward

Daniela Carpi (University of Verona)

Ian Ward (University of Newcastle): Introduction

Eric Rabkin (University of Michigan):  “Fantasies of Equity”
Carlo Bajetta (University of Valle d’Aosta): “Sir Thomas More’s Jest
Giuseppina Restivo  (University of Trieste):” Law, Constitution and Ethics in Shakespeare’s King Lear
Rita SalviJudith Turnbull (University La Sapienza, Rome) :  “Literary traces and rhetorical language in legal texts”
Cristina Costantini  (University of Turin): “The Jews and the Common Law: a question of jurisdiction. An analysis through W. Scott’s Ivanhoe
Patrizia Nerozzi (University IULM, Milan) “The snares of the law in Tristram Shandy ”
Davide Mazzi (University of Modena): “I first have to decide whether there were any notes…I consider that  there probably were”: adverbials of stance in equity judges’ argumentation
Jeanne Clegg (University of L’Aquila):  “Ascertaining the fact in Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders
Cristina Guccione (University of Palermo): “William Penn, solicitor of the Quakers, and the interplay between legal and religious language”
Marina Bondi  – Silvia Cavalieri (University of Modena): “Disadvantage before the law: Bleak House
Carla Dente (University of Pisa): “The Role of the Theatre in Renaissance Juridical Education”
Carla Sassi (University of Verona): “Caring for justice: the dialogic imagination as equitable practice in Alexander McCall Smith’s The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series”
Richard Cave (University of London): “Interrogating Justice and Equity in Irish Drama: the Importance of Historical, Theatrical and Political Contexts”
Sidia Fiorato (University of Verona):  “Juridical Issues in Contemporary Fairy Tales: the Case of Angela Carter”

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