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New publication: Crossing Borders: law, language and literature

Jeanne Gaakeer and Francois Ost eds., Crossing Borders: law, language and literature, Wolf Legal Publishers, The Netherlands, 2008.


Table of Contents:

    • Introduction by Jeanne Gaakeer and Francois Ost
    • Part I: Interrelations of law, language and literature
    • Law and Literature: an analysis of Sophocles’ Antigone and Shakespeare’s
    • The Merchant of Venice, by Marcelo Campos Galuppo
    • Utopian capabilities: on critical legal thinking and Cervantes’ Don Quixote, by Jom Reinhard
    • Kafka, kavka, K: the case of a hyphenated identity, by Vera Karam de Chueiri


  • Law and essays (cronicas): the enchanting soul of the streets, by Monica Sette Lopes
  • Comprehending Contraries or Doublethink?Law, literature and the dangers of cognitive dissonance, by Jeanne Gaakeer


  • On Law and Literature: dimensions and limits of a controversial relationship, by Marcelino Rodrìguez Molinero
  • Thought and Art in Hispanic Tradition of Legal Literature: aesthetic keys for legal interpretation, by Héctor Lòpez Bello
  • Investigative Literature- Bertolt Brecht revisited, by Lorenz Schulz
  • Hellenism and Hebraism: legal traditions and the work of Cynthia Ozick, by James Gray
  • Part II: New Perspectives
  • Hyperliterature and Law, Unity of Text, Diversity of Readings, by Andreij Kristan
  • A Little Place Before the Law: Two tales of one metaphor, by Maria Aristodemou
  • Sade and Portalis at the foot of the Scaffold, an example of jurisfiction, by Francois Ost



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