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Call for papers: Aidel Conference: “Visualising Law”

Dear AIDEL members, cialis I am sending you the call for papers for the next AIDEL meeting in Verona Next November (11-13, look 2015). The topic will be “Visualising Law”.
Daniela Carpi


The close connection between law and images has already been focused on by renowned scholars such as Costas Douzinas and Peter Goodrich and is by now a well-assessed topic. Richard Sherwin says that we are awash in images; he speaks of the emergence of visual jurisprudence.  Today very frequently “video displays and digital images accompany lawyers’ opening statements and closing arguments at trial”. Animations, healing digital re-enactments and video documentaries are more and more often used so as to convey messages which – supposedly – can be more easily assimilated. Even publicity may transmit legal messages.

Another recent addition to this perspective is the connection between law and popular culture (through the use of digital images and otherwise).So the questions are:

-How have technologies of visual representation reflected, illuminated, and constituted ideologies of law and legality – particularly at moments of significant transition or transformation?

-In what way do visual representations of law throughout the pre-modern, modern and contemporary periods illuminate and challenge our understanding of the changing relationship between law, aesthetics, and power?

– In what ways do contemporary media allow new opportunities for a cross-cultural conversation around key legal issues and conflicts?

– What are the implications for the practice of law, both in common-law and civil-law surroundings?

-In what ways can literature enter this media circus? What can literary-legal studies or Law and Humanities broadly conceived contribute on the plane of Law and (Popular) Culture issues? For example, on the view that law and other cultural forms both reflect and constitute our world so that any critical cultural inquiry necessarily encompasses an internal and an external perspective.

  • How to read popular culture jurisprudentially?

DEADLINE FOR THE PRESENTATION OF PROPOSALS: 1 May 2015, title and abstract of about 600 words, to

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