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New Publication: Law and Justice on the Small Screen

Dear AIDEL members, I wish to communicate the publication of a new volume on

Law and Justice on the Small Screen
Edited by Peter Robson and Jessica Silbey

‘Law and Justice on the Small Screen’ is a wide-ranging collection of essays about law in and on television. In light of
the book’s innovative taxonomy of the field and its international reach, it will make a novel contribution to the
scholarly literature about law and popular culture. Television shows from France, Canada, the United Kingdom,
Germany, Spain and the United States are discussed. The essays are organised into three sections: (1) methodological
questions regarding the analysis of law and popular culture on television; (2) a focus on genre studies within
television programming (including a subsection on reality television), and (3) content analysis of individual television
shows with attention to big-picture jurisprudential questions of law’s efficacy and the promise of justice. The book’s
content is organised to make it appropriate for undergraduate and graduate classes in the following areas: media
studies, law and culture, socio-legal studies, comparative law, jurisprudence, the law of lawyering, alternative dispute
resolution and criminal law.



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